Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Thursday, Jan. 1
AJ and YaYa explored the giant chunk of ice that had formed in AJ's pool.

We also enjoyed a nice fire in our fire pit.

We went to the neighbor's house and AJ played a bit with Lavender and Elijah before she got too cold and wanted to go inside :)

Friday, Jan. 2
YaYa and AJ played with Lego's.

Saturday, Jan. 3
AJ dressed up as Elsa (from Frozen) with her "long hair."

Sunday, Jan. 4
Soon after AJ woke up she lost her first tooth!! The front 2 were loose because of a few accidents that had knocked them and made her lose the roots of those teeth. We had been waiting for them to fall out so it was pretty exciting that it finally fell out! She took some selfies of it :)

Week 37 belly pics!

AJ and YaYa played her new Turtle programming game (that she got from her G-GMa Carole). It's her favorite game right now.

Monday, Jan. 5
AJ had school. She made a moon with eyes and a mouth (which is hard to see) out of the play-doh. She also signed in.

Tuesday, Jan. 6
AJ and I went grocery shopping and while I loaded the car with grocery's she signed her name in the dust of our car :)

Wednesday, Jan. 7
AJ and YaYa pretended to be Jasmine and Aladdin and they rode on a magic carpet :)

Thursday, Jan. 8
My mom (Ollie) came in town late the night before so AJ was thrilled to wake up and find her there! They "skated" on foam blocks.

AJ and I made Ollie a birthday cake since her birthday was a couple of days before. AJ did all the decorating of course :)

AJ and Ollie played Lego's together.

AJ wrote me a a sweet note all by herself! It reads AJ *heart* mama.

Friday, Jan. 9
AJ had school and it was a Friday, so Ollie and I stuck around while I took pics.

 For show-and-tell the letter of the week was Bb and AJ brought a baby toy bug and a balloon.

Just some (super cute) goofin' around with Ollie.

Saturday, Jan. 10
Nathan and I went out to dinner and movie while Ollie and AJ stayed at our house for their own dinner and movie :) She did have a hard time letting us go though, but we got some super sweet hugs.

Sunday, Jan. 11
Week 38 belly pics!

Monday, Jan. 12
AJ had school and they learned a little bit about conducting electricity. They had a set up where the kids got to play music using a gadget called Makey-Makey and then it was connected to play-doh shapes and what looked like a pie tin. They had to have their hand on the pie tin and then they touched all the different play-doh shapes (which played different sounds) and played music. It was so cool!

When we came to pick her up it was one of her classmates birthday and she brought rice crispy treats for the class but AJ didn't like it in the end.

Some of her drawings of MaMa and YaYa from school.

Tuesday, Jan. 13
AJ got some "Insta-snow" from a friend of mine for Christmas. She LOVED it! Of course she had to have a snow fight :)

She decided to make a "cake" with the insta-snow and some berries and sand. She took the picture of her cake.

Wednesday, Jan. 14
AJ had school and they played some more with the Makey-Makey. This time they had them attached to silverware to play the music.

She also did some drawings of MaMa and YaYa

Back at home she played some more with her insta-snow.

Thursday, Jan. 15
AJ lost her other tooth. She lost it that night so we are pretty sure she swallowed it :-/

Koan was sticking his knee out and AJ got to feel it :)

Ollie and AJ read a book on the Kindle.

Then she dressed up like Elsa from Frozen and Ollie and her did her search and find Frozen book that MawMaw Beth got for her.

After my doctor appointment we went to get some frozen yogurt to celebrate AJ losing her tooth (since we don't do the tooth fairy).

Friday, Jan. 16
AJ had school. It was a friday so I had my good camera to take pictures but sadly when I changed memory cards the card was corrupt and the photos came out all weird with lines in them :(

At school they had these set ups where the kids had some batteries with wires that attached to some play-doh and the kids put lights that have 2 wires into the play-doh and it lights them up.

playing hide and seek

Show-and-tell was brought to you by the letter "Ee". She brought and envelope and eye glasses. They asked her wear the glasses. One of the kids said they were so stylish :)

Back at home, Ollie and AJ played a new game that Ollie got her which was inspired by AJ's favorite book Press Here.

AJ and Ollie also did some puzzles on Ollie's iPad.

Saturday, Jan. 17
AJ and YaYa did some spinning.

Then YaYa and AJ played some board games together. First they played Feed the Kitty and then her favorite Robot Turtle programming game from her G-GMa.

Week 39 belly pics!! So far things have been going pretty well. The last doc. appointment my blood pressure was a bit high but still in the normal range so they had me come back for a check which was pretty much the same. They don't seem worried yet so that is good. I thought I started labor soon after when I started having contractions with some pain but seems like it was false labor and really just some Braxton Hicks contractions.

AJ and Ollie did some puzzles together on her iPad.

That afternoon we went to Charlie Safari and AJ had a blast.

Sunday, Jan. 18
We watched Tangled in the media room. AJ and YaYa were too cute being all snuggly.

Monday, Jan. 19
AJ splashed in some puddles at the neighbors house.

Tuesday, Jan. 20
Ollie and AJ played Lego.

A bit later AJ watched the video for Thriller on Ollie's phone.

MawMaw Beth made AJ a dress and we got it in the mail and AJ LOVES it! She said it looks like a princess dress to her. She put it on right away and of course had to get a crown :)

YaYa got a new set of Minecraft Lego in the mail. So he and AJ put it together when YaYa got off of work and then of course they played with it.

Wednesday, Jan. 21
AJ asked Ollie to watch Thriller again on her iPad.

AJ had school. They made robots using electronic toothbrushes, cups and clothes pins.

AJ and her friend Halle did some "work" and AJ drew a picture of a book that she liked at school.

Thursday, Jan. 22
AJ "cooked" some "soup" with our expired spices.

Ollie and AJ played a very quick game of Scrabble.

After bath, AJ played with her pet hair styling play-doh set.

Friday, Jan. 23
AJ had school and their sign in was to paint their names.

After class YaYa and AJ had some fun in the museum making "helicopters" and "hot-air balloons."

AJ's art from school.

AJ built a Duplo house and wanted to take a few photos of it.

AJ took this pic herself

Saturday, Jan. 24
AJ made me (mama) and a sun out of perler beads. She did it all by herself too! I was so impressed!

AJ and YaYa played some Minecraft together.

Week 40 belly pics!!! I can't believe I made it to Koan's due date!

Sunday, Jan. 25
AJ and YaYa stayed home and played together while Ollie and I went to the grocery store. YaYa sent me a picture of AJ's Mega Block building.

That night I went into labor and Koan Astor was born at 11:03pm. He was 8lbs 11oz and 20in! We were so happy to finally meet him!

Monday, Jan. 26
Before we got moved into postpartum YaYa got to spend a little time snuggling Koan for the first time.

After a little bit of sleep, Nathan went home to pick up AJ and Ollie and I took some pics of Koan while he slept (including a my first selfie with Koan :)

Then AJ and Ollie showed up and AJ got to meet her little brother. She loved him and thought he was so cute!

Then a photographer came and took some photos of Koan and all of us (something they offer at the hospital). *the following photos are not the professional ones.


These are a few of the professional ones.

AJ's drawing she did at the hospital. I was so impressed with her bunny!

Goodnight sweet Koan.

Tuesday, Jan. 27
AJ and Ollie spent the night at a hotel since we were in Olympia at the hospital. AJ made Ollie a dog out of clay and they got some swimming in too before we headed home.

Koan's first car ride! He screamed when we put him in the car seat but soon after leaving the hotel he calmed down and slept for the ride home.

AJ was thrilled to show Koan his new home!

 AJ drew a picture of Koan (or baby KoKo as she calls him :)

 AJ and YaYa showed Koan their favorite thing to do...Lego!!

 More selfies with my little man :)

 Wednesday, Jan. 28
YaYa took AJ to her school field trip at a gymnastics place called Alley Oop. AJ loved it.

While AJ and YaYa were there, I was hanging out with this cutie at home.

I noticed a photo of AJ as a newborn and it made me think how much they look alike, so I did a side by side comparison. On the left is AJ, Koan is on the right.

AJ, YaYa and Koan read a book together.

AJ and YaYa went to Target and got Koan a little present after gymnastics and that evening we tried it out.

Thursday, Jan. 29
Koan had his first Dr. visit. He's doing magnificently!

Some snuggle time with Ollie.

Some snuggle time with mommy...I just love this little man!

YaYa and AJ played Frozen.

Some more snuggle time with Ollie.

 AJ took a picture of Koan with his foot sticking out of his swing.

Love these guys!

Friday, Jan. 30
AJ had school so here are lots of Koan pics :)


Little checking out Koan 

That afternoon YaYa and AJ played with some Lego.

AJ took care of brother KoKo while we ate dinner. She gave him dollies and blankies while he was in the swing.

 AJ took a picture of YaYa and Koan, then she went to look at Koan.

Saturday, Jan. 31
AJ got in Koan's car seat.

AJ and YaYa showed Ollie & Koan their favorite video game to play together.

We went on a trip to ToyRus since we got a gift card from Nathan's boss. Koan slept the entire time; car ride and all. AJ got a fun watch that has games to make kids active. She loves it.

I snapped some pics of father and son :)

Big sissy got to hold her brother for a bit too, though she said he was too stinky so she didn't hold him long :)

I got some snuggle time with this cutie.

YaYa and AJ played Scrabble Junior together.


  1. Love this! And love being here! Koan is as adorable as AJ!